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Welcome to WiSpik French.

Want to understand and communicate more effectively and comfortably in French? Ask a French language specialist!!

Hi, my name is Nardjes Laneche, your French Language Coach. For the last two years, I have developed a brand new method to teach languages based on neurosciences.


Through my researches, I have discovered that language acquisition goes through four stages: listening, repetition, comprehension and acquisition (grammar, spelling, etc).


And yet, it is generally by this last stage that we start to learn a foreign languages.

A personal coach dedicated to you

Most of the people wishing to learn a foreign language, go to a bookshop or online looking for resources. And generally, the bookshop or the websites are stocked with so many courses, books, and applications that you have no idea where to start.

At first, you are very motivated and dedicate one hour per day, but you quickly get overwhelmed again and end up giving up. Rather than struggling on your own, wouldn't it be great if you could have a language learning personal coach to help you throughout the learning process?


First, let me find out a little more about you