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WiTranslate Finance

35,00 €Price

This e-book is meant to give you the tools you need to translate Key Financial Documents. This course introduces you to Finance, Key Financial Statements and Key Financial Terminology. It highlights the differences between each section of an Annual Report and explains how each Financial Statement is structured.

  • A Complete Guide to Financial Translation

    It covers a wide range of topics, including the Basics About Finance, Key Financial Terminology, Translation Techniques and Practical Activities, a Style Guide and a Bilingual Glossary.


    Ultimately, this e-book will help translators and professionals better understand the world of finance, the main financial documents and the key terminology so that they can interpret and translate any type of financial documents in a more effective manner.

  • Topics

    • Finance and Financial Reports
    • The Annual Report
    • Key Financial Statements
    • The Three Basic Financial Statements
    • The Balance Sheet
    • The Income Statement
    • The Statement of Cash Flows
    • Bilingual Glossary including more than 200 words


    Translation Skills:

    • Finance and Financial Translation
    • How to develop a glossary
    • Specifics about Financial Terminology
    • Translation in Finance
    • The Principles of Translation
    • Translating Financial Documents
    • Style Guide